Summer Study in Mexico: Spanish and Culture in Mexico, with K-State Faculty and Students

Dr. Valentin-Rivera will once again be leading her faculty-led summer study abroad opportunity in Mexico for K-State students from June 1-July 3, 2023. Students will earn 6-credits, one for Spanish 530 and another for Spanish 420 — prerequisite is Spanish 301 by Spring 2023. This program will be based in Playa del Carmen, on the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula.

APPLY HERE by March 1, 2023!

This summer program runs for 5 weeks and will allow students to earn 6 credits of Spanish, including 3-credits for Spanish 530 (Professional Spanish for Business), and 3 more credits for Spanish 420 (Spanish Conversation), which will be transferred back from the course taken in Mexico. All courses count towards the Spanish major or minor. The minimum prerequisite to participate in the program is Spanish 301 by Spring 2023 (or permission from the instructor), and preference will be given to Spanish majors and minors. Dr. Valentin-Rivera plans for this will be an annual program, offered every summer (late May-early July), possibly with a future internship component. This is a great opportunity for double-majors and dual-degree students to study abroad and complete their degrees on time, and/or help minors convert to a Spanish major, without extending the time to graduation.

The Pyramid of the Sun, as seen from the Pyramid of the Moon, Teotihuacan

The application deadline is due March 1, 2023. Below are some details regarding the itinerary and classes. For more information, contact Dr. Valentin-Rivera [lvalentin] to set up a meeting. Be sure to follow #KStateSpanish on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for promotional events, scholarship deadlines, program updates, and images from the 2019 and 2022 trips.

ITINERARY: Spanish and Culture in Mexico – June 1st-July 3rd, 2023

Students will depart the US on June 1 – More details to come!


This five week program takes place at International House language school in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Students take courses taught by KSU (Spanish 530) and International House Spanish language faculty (transferred as Spanish 420). Students will develop culturally appropriate oral and written communication skills in business-related professions. There will be specialized content and vocabulary, and experience for professional writing and translation. The program incorporates a service-learning component for students to further expand their Spanish language proficiency.

Students will enroll in SPAN 530 via KSIS, taught by Dr. Valentín-Rivera, and also take one additional course at International House.  Upon return to K-State, all students will have earned a total of 6 credits; 3 for SPAN 530 and 3 transfer credits (counting as SPAN 420).

SPAN 530: Professional Spanish (Preq. SPAN 410 or 411) – REQUIRED: This course develops culturally appropriate oral and written communication skills in humanities-related professions.  Specialized content and vocabulary, and experience in professional writing and translation. Given that the class will be offered in Mexico, a couple of assignments will enable the interaction among the students and the locals in professional contexts.

APPLY HERE by March 1, 2023!


Students will arrange their own travel, allowing flexibility in terms of their preferred departure (US) airport. All participants should plan to arrive in Playa del Carmen on June 1, no later than 6:00pm. Dr. Valentin-Rivera is happy to help answer travel questions or offer advice or suggestions. The (estimated) cost of international travel IS already included in the estimated program fee on the education abroad website.

cdmx_calle del centro
A scene from the bustling streets of Mexico City

If you are interested in participating in “Spanish and Culture in Mexico” this summer, contact Dr. Valentin-Rivera [lvalentin]. And make sure to follow #KStateSpanish on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, so you never miss an update!

APPLICATION: “Spanish and Culture in Mexico” – deadline, March 1

In the meantime, check out the fantastic experiences some K-State Spanish majors and minors have had abroad, during an entire semester or for several weeks in the summer.


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