Spanish from a distance: #KStateSpanishEnCasa

Since our Spanish courses moved online after Spring Break due to Covid-19, junior Spanish major Natalie Leonard and the rest of our Spanish Ambassadors have gathered together a few observations and some advice for #KStateSpanish students working hard to finish out this strange Spring semester.

As you work on your Spanish from home, tag us (@KStateSpanish) on Instagram or Twitter when you’re taking a work-break or find an opportunity to use your Spanish at home or in your community — use #KStateSpanishEnCasa and make your post public. The Spanish section will organize a photo contest to celebrate our return to campus — hopefully in August — so start documenting those Spanish skills now!

What has been something surprising, and helpful (+), about taking Spanish classes online? 

  • My professor provides a lot of outside resources such as movies and documentaries that we can find on Netflix.
  • Being around screens all day makes me appreciate physical words on a page. This [below right] is the book I’ve been reading while hammocking outside in  my backyard.  ADVICE: Do some of that reading you never have time for at school.


What has been the biggest challenge (-) for you in terms of taking your Spanish class online and not face to face? 

  • Technology issues: Almost everyday during class someone gets kicked out of the zoom meeting or my internet goes out and I miss a portion of class.
  • Because of our need to use Zoom during this time, the ability for us to speak in Spanish for long periods of time and work with classmates is naturally less than in the classroom.
  • I feel like I’ve lived the exact same day for the past few weeks…!
The kids in the neighborhood entertaining themselves since they’re out of school…

What TIPS or ADVICE do you have for Spanish students as they work online this Spring and prepare for Fall classes? 

Stay organized and consider making a list of the assignments due each week, to make sure that one doesn’t slip under your radar. Remember to take care of yourself, physically & mentally! Remember that these are extraordinary circumstances we’re living in & it’s completely okay if you’re a little off your game, not as productive as normal, or are feeling sad. That’s natural & we’re all going through it. Just keep your head up, stick to your studies, & remember everything passes. Things will be back to normal soon, you can do it!

Study break with my dad, dog, & pet lizard… Can you see the lizard in both pictures?

Keep up your hard work! We all are struggling with this transition, but we are so close to summer break and will be back at K-State so soon (fingers crossed!!!!)

Get outside! Go for a walk! Stomp in a meadow!


MUCHAS GRACIAS, Spanish Ambassadors!

Want to be a Spanish Ambassador for 2020-21? Contact Dr. Bender or Angelique Courbou.

Don’t forget to tag @kstatespanish on Twitter or Instagram, and use the #KStateSpanishEnCasa hashtag to enter the photo context for Fall 2020. Make sure your post is public so we can see it!



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