Interview with Dr. Carmen Tafolla, by Dr. DePaoli for Spanish 560 – Latinx Literatures

This semester, Dr. DePaoli, Professor of Latin American and Latinx Literature and Cultures at K-State, took advantage of being in San Antonio and creating new online content for her Spanish 560, Latinx Literatures course, by interviewing one of the authors whose work is on the course syllabus: Dr. Carmen Tafolla, an internationally acclaimed Chicana writer from San Antonio, TX.

Dr. Carmen Tafolla at home in San Antonio, TX. Image via

Dr. Carmen Tafolla holds a PhD in Bilingual Education from the University of Texas; a BA in English, and MA in Spanish, and a Doctorate Honoris Causa in Humane Letters from Austin College. Dr. Tafolla was named Texas State Poet Laureate (2015–2016), and also served as the first City Poet Laureate of San Antonio, TX from 2012-2014. She is one of the foundational Chicana writers, and has written more than thirty books that include prose & poetry, short stories, children’s books, and essays. Her writing has appeared in more than 300 anthologies. You can read more about her, her publications, and outreach on her website.

In Dr. DePaoli’s interview above, she and Dr. Tafolla discuss the author’s city of birth (San Antonio), her beginnings as writer in the Chicano movement, her feminist views and contributions, various cultural archetypes, and some details about her recent work. Towards the end, Dr. Tafolla performs one of her famous “One–Woman Shows” from one of her short stories that students in Spanish 560 read and discussed this semester: “Quality Literature.

Spanish 560, Latinx Literatures, counts both the Spanish major and minor, as well as for K-State’s Multicultural Overlay requirement. It is offered every Fall semester and we are hoping to offer it as a summer course in the future. Contact your Spanish professor or Dr. DePaoli for more information.

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