Spanish Major Awarded Research Grant for Narrative Mapping Project

Anna Welsh ‘21, a senior triple-majoring in Spanish, Art, and Psychology — and a Spanish Ambassador — was recently awarded an OURCI research grant from K-State’s Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry. Her project is titled “Mapas, mujeres y Madrid: del nacimiento a la muerte con las mujeres madrileñas urbanas en La Rampa (1917) de Carmen de Burgos”, or in English translation, “Maps, Women, and Madrid: From Birth to Death with Urban Women of Madrid in Carmen de Burgos’ The Ramp (1917). Since Anna is also majoring in Art, this project will allow her to bring her artistic skills to her Spanish studies in order to demonstrate her research findings and interpretation of a Spanish novel to a broad audience with varying degrees of Spanish fluency. Anna will work on this interdisciplinary project under the supervision of Dr. Rebecca Bender, Assistant Professor of Spanish. She began research this Fall in Dr. Bender’s Spanish 735, Mapping Madrid seminar, and she will finish the work for the project during the Spring 2021 semester.

Anna in Barcelona with the 5-week #KStateSpanish Spain Today program led by Dr. Bender (summer 2019).

Anna’s project focuses on urban institutions and spaces within early 20th-century Madrid and their relation to the demographics of women in the novel. Through a close reading of the literary text, secondary sources, and city planning and mapping documents, Anna will plot the age groups referenced in the novel onto a map of Madrid, creating an original cartographic narrative. Rather than merely illustrate the novel, Anna’s analysis, research, and visual, artistic synthesis will allow for a deeper understanding of early 20th-century Madrid and social-realist novels like The Ramp. This bilingual project will be completed in Spanish, then translated to English. Anna will present it at the Modern Languages Department’s Initials Research Symposium in Spring 2021 and at an upcoming regional conference with Dr. Bender. Finally, Anna and Dr. Bender hope to publish the narrative-based map for Spanish organizations and media outlets to promote the work and legacy of Carmen de Burgos (1867-1932), who was a prolific journalist and author in pre-Civil War Spain.

¡Felicidades, Anna! Congratulations!

We’re excited to see how your research progresses and where it ends up!


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