Meet Dr. Posey!

Dr. Alison Posey is Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish Literature and Linguistics.

Dr. Posey joins us at K-State this Fall from the University of Virginia. She is new to Kansas State University and Manhattan, Kansas this year (2021-22), so if you see her around campus make sure to say hello, introduce yourself, and welcome her to our #KStateSpanish community.

This year, Dr. Posey will be teaching courses in contemporary Spanish literature, film, and linguistics. She is especially excited to teach Spanish 779 this fall, which is titled Writing the nation – the language of nationalism in Spain. This seminar combines her specialization on Spanish nationalisms with contemporary creative production in Spain, including graphic novels, films, and autobiography. Keep an eye out for some exciting courses in contemporary Spanish cinema in the spring!

The main focus of Dr. Posey’s research is minority nationalisms of the Iberian Peninsula. She was living in Spain during Catalonia’s 2017 failed independence referendum, which led to mass protests across the nation. The Catalan independence efforts led her to another region of the country, the Basque Country, home to another potent nationalist movement that, like its Catalan relative, has supporters who want to separate from Spain. In her research, she investigates how Spanish authors and filmmakers locate themselves at the intersection of populism, democracy, terrorism, and violence in creative production that engages the complex issue of minority nationalisms in twentieth- and twenty-first-century Spain.

Dr. Posey is looking forward to exploring the challenging question of what makes a nation with undergraduate and graduate students in Writing the nation (SPAN 779) this fall. Most recently, this past January 2021 she published an article on realism in contemporary Basque fiction in the Spanish newspaper Deia, titled “La realidad en la ficción”. She has also presented on the novels of the Basque author Bernardo Atxaga as an invited speaker at the University of Nevada, Reno.

In her spare time, Dr. Posey likes to read, garden, and cook. She can’t wait to return to the Basque Country, her favorite place to spend time when she’s not teaching. In fact, she is working on her Euskera (Basque) in the hopes of one day becoming fluent! A few of her favorite books and films are the novel Patria, by Fernando Aramburu (2016); and the films Ocho apellidos vascos (dir. Emilio Martínez Lázaro, 2014) and Fe de etarras (dir. Borja Cobeaga, 2017).

If you’re interested in taking courses or working on a research project with Dr. Posey, send her an email [aposey] or stop by her office in 005 Eisenhower Hall. She’d be more than happy to chat with you about a Spanish major, study abroad, or how complex and fascinating concepts like nationalism and separatism can be, especially in Spain.

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