Meet Dr. Hale!

Dr. Raelynne Hale is a Teaching Assistant Professor of Spanish, focusing on Environmental Perspectives in Latin America, Microfiction and Translation. Dr. Hale joins at at K-State this fall from the University of California, Riverside, and is thrilled to be working with students and colleagues at Kansas State University!

Dr. Hale teaches classes in Spanish and Latin American Culture, Environmental Perspectives in Hispanic-speaking countries, and Business and Composition courses in Spanish. They also organize guest speakers, develop curriculum, and support Graduate and Undergraduate students.

Their courses are designed around their students, as each course and each group of students is unique. Dr. Hale has won many teaching awards for their innovative teaching, such as the Virtual and Online Innovations and Curricular Enhancements Award (2022), the Faculty Award for Outstanding Lecturer (2021), the CCF Award for Special Projects for their Practice in Translation course (2021), the FDC Virtual Teaching Faculty Fellow position for training and helping faculty transition their courses online during the pandemic (2020), and the Distinguished Teaching Award (2018).

Dr. Hale with one of their favorite authors, Alberto Chimal

The main focus of Dr. Hale’s research is the representation of nature, animals and landscapes in Latin American and Spanish brief fiction. They became intrigued by the treatment of nature and non-human entities during their doctoral studies at the University of California, Riverside where they had the opportunity to meet with authors publishing short stories and microfiction related to urban landscapes, activist literature, and, their favorite, creative writing that features non-human characters.

Dr. Hale really loves bringing their research into the classroom and inspiring students to look at different environmental perspectives from Hispanic-speaking countries. They also love incorporating brief fiction into their classes, especially Twiterature (literature published on Twitter) and other social media outlets used to create literary spaces online, as well as inviting authors to campus.

Dr. Hale’s current favorite book is 83 Novelas by author Alberto Chimal which is available for free online and was an experiment with the popular social media platform Twitter in which the author published microfiction each day to his Twitter account.

Most recently, Dr. Hale published an article titled “Twitter y la minificción: un espacio de contacto entre los autores y sus lectores y la creación de microrrelatos interactivos” that highlighted the literary space created by Mexican authors on Twitter. The article was published in Microtextualidades. Revista internacional de microrrelato y minificción. They have also presented on topics related to Environmental Studies in Latin America, Microfiction, Activist Literature, and most recently, many presentations for CSUF on how to teach language courses creatively online.

Fun facts about Dr. Hale:

Dr. Hale and their husband the day they arrived in Tokyo, Japan
  • Dr. Hale and their husband had always wanted to go to Japan, so they spent six months learning basic Japanese in preparation to go on their Honeymoon to Japan in 2015. It was extremely helpful, and many people were appreciative of their very poor Japanese skills, especially when they went to Koyasan to meditate and visit the Okunoin Temple where Kobo Daishi is believed to rest in eternal meditation.
  • Dr. Hale has a little pup named Laika that stole their heart when they were volunteering for an animal Rescue in Los Angeles (picture below!).
  • Dr. Hale speaks Spanish, French, and English and studied German for 10 years in primary and secondary school. They can also read Italian and Portuguese, and studied Japanese for 6 months.
  • As you can see, Dr. Hale LOVES languages, culture, and traveling. They hope to inspire you to love learning a new language and about other cultures too!

If you’re interested in taking courses or working on a research project with Dr. Hale, send an email [RaeHale] or stop by their office in EH 203. They’d be more than happy to chat with you about a Spanish major, study abroad, or how fun Environmental Studies and Microfiction can be. You can also follow them on twitter @RaelynneMHale


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