Spain Student Blogs: A Student’s Amateur Review of the Royal Art Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid

by Sarah Troub

This is part of a series of student-written blog posts about study abroad. Students who participated in our faculty-led summer study abroad program in Spain with Dr. Bender – Spain Today: Madrid, Pamplona y el Norte – wrote a blog post as part of their essay assignments for Spanish 565: Cultures of Spain. We’ll be sharing them here every Wednesday morning, so stay tuned to see the variety of topics they chose to write about. And if you’re interested in earning 6 Spanish credits for your major or minor by studying in Spain this summer, check out the information here or contact Dr. Bender with questions.

Hi, my name is Sarah Troub! I am going into my fourth year at Kansas State as a double major in Studio Art and Creative Writing, with a Spanish minor. I originally am from Omaha, Nebraska and I decided to pursue Spanish in college because language is a lifelong skill that will benefit me in the long term. My blog post is only a small glimpse into the wonderful and astounding world of Spanish art, which was one of the things I was most excited to see and learn more about in my trip abroad this summer. Specifically, I decided to write about my solo venture to the Royal Academy of Art in Madrid, and some of the works I enjoyed.

I visited the Royal Academy of Beautiful Art of San Fernando on my own during my time in Madrid, in hope of finding some original etching prints from the famous artist Francisco Goya. Unfortunately, his prints were not on display that day but I instead had the opportunity to see various diverse artworks in person that I enjoyed very much. In particular, I discuss the different artistic techniques and aesthetic appeal of the works The Colossus of Rhodes by Antonio Muñoz Degrain (1914) and The Temptations of Buddha by Eduardo Chicharro Agüera (1921). This opportunity, as well as the other museums I visited in my time in Europe, have done much to inspire me and continue my growth and development as an artist. 

A person taking a selfie with a statue of a horse

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A child with his mouth open next to a statue

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A painting on a wall

Description automatically generated with medium confidence

A painting on a wall

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