Spain Student Blogs: Espana: Art of Life and Food

by Kelly Krehbiel

This is part of a series of student-written blog posts about study abroad. Students who participated in our faculty-led summer study abroad program in Spain with Dr. Bender – Spain Today: Madrid, Pamplona y el Norte – wrote a blog post as part of their essay assignments for Spanish 565: Cultures of Spain. We’ll be sharing them here every Wednesday morning, so stay tuned to see the variety of topics they chose to write about. And if you’re interested in earning 6 Spanish credits for your major or minor by studying in Spain this summer, check out the information here or contact Dr. Bender with questions.

The first day our Kansas State University group arrived in Pamplona, I was beyond excited and fully prepared to immerse myself in the culture that I jumped at the opportunity to go to my first Jueventxo that night. Jueventxos as I would come to find out, happens every Thursday and locals of all ages in Pamplona venture out to the bars for tapas and drinks. I was intrigued to find how different the culture around going to the bars was in Spain versus the United States. For instance, tapas, a small plate of food, served with drinks range from a simple tortilla to more intricate pintxos, which some even consider an art form. The atmosphere is relaxed, and people spend hours and hours simply talking and drinking wine with their choice of tapa. I have many fond memories of my time in Spain, thanks to this program, but my favorites will be the time our group spent together talking and laughing during a night of Jueventxos. 


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