Dr. Laura Kanost’s Translation Published with University of Oklahoma Press

Dr. Laura Kanost, who teaches Latin American Literature and Translation Studies at K-State, has published an English translation of Cristina Rivera Garza’s groundbreaking study of La Castañeda, an early 20th-century public mental health institution in Mexico City. Rivera Garza's book was originally published in Spanish in 2010 and titled La Castañeda. Narrativas dolientes desde el... Continue Reading →

Meet Dr. Kanost!

Dr. Laura Kanost is Professor of Spanish American Literature and Translation Studies at Kansas State. TEACHING: Every year, Dr. Kanost teaches courses in Spanish<>English translation and community interpreting. She created her own textbooks for Community Translation and Interpreting and Introduction to Hispanic Readings and Media (Span 550). Many of her courses feature service-learning experiences, and... Continue Reading →

Peace and Reconciliation after Trauma: Constructing Community with the “Memories in Color” Project

Dr. Lucía Garavito and Dr. Laura Kanost are bringing an exciting new project to K-State Spanish students and the campus community over the next 18 months, through Fall 2019. With the support of a Center for Engagement and Community Development Grant, their project “Peace and Reconciliation after Transgenerational Trauma: Constructing Community with the Memories in... Continue Reading →

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