Spanish Professors & Students in Modern Languages present at the Kansas World Language Association’s (KSWLA) Annual Conference, hosted at K-State 

KSWLA’s mission is to promote and improve the teaching of world languages and cultures; to provide continuing professional development; and to encourage the spirit of cooperation among world language educators in Kansas.

Our very own K-State Spanish graduate and undergraduate Spanish students, along with their Spanish professors, had the opportunity to present their research and class projects at the KSWLA conference hosted by Modern Languages, the College of Arts & Sciences, and the College of Education.

Dr. Bender (Spanish), Dr. Cro (French), Dr. Faber (Spanish), and Dr. Kanost presented “Alternative Assessment as a Means to Support Diverse Learners in the WL Classroom”. They shared collaborative projects completed by students in Spanish 4, Spanish Translation, and advanced Spanish and French Literature courses. They also discussed non-traditional assessment practices, like ungrading and self-assessment.

Wrapping up the final session of the day, Dr. Courbou (Spanish & French) and Dr. Kanost (Spanish) presented alongside four students: 3 undergraduate Spanish majors – Gabi Gutierrez, Tarryn Lancaster, Elizabeth Scarbrough –  and Haley Reiners, a graduate student and teaching assistant in Spanish. Their presentation, “Building proficiency and engaging diverse learners with translation,“ focused on translation, and especially how to translate fun things like memes and other forms of digital media that rely on very specific cultural and linguistic contexts. 

Professors, grad students, and undergraduate presenters prepared to share their translation work – L to R: Dr. Kanost, Gabi Gutierrez, Elizabeth Scarbrough, Dr. Courbou, Tarryn Lancaster, and Haley Reiners.

Additionally, Spanish MA student and Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) Allisson Restrepo was selected as a conference VIP, a funded position reserved for first-year teachers. She was able to attend the conference with a KSWLA grant, network at the KSWLA officers’ luncheon table, and meet the keynote speaker, Benjamin Tinsley (a French Teacher and educational consultant invited from Philadelphia). FELICIDADES, Allison!

VIP Allisson Restrepo (Spanish GTA, MA Student) with the conference Keynote speaker Ben Tinsley.

Great work everyone! Thanks for representing the Department of Modern Languages and making us proud at this fantastic language advocacy and language educators’ event!


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